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But, the Egyptians also associated black along with fertility and resurrection because much of their agriculture was dependant on the rich dark silt deposited on the river banks by the Nile all through the inundat When used to act for resurrection, black and green were compatible. As a result, the gods Osiris and Geb were depicted with black or green skin to emphasise their connection with fertility. Queen Ahmose-Nefertari was often depicted with black skin. Although some have argued that this was a comment on the fact so as to she was of Nubian descent which is quite possible it is by the same token likely that it was symbolic of the fact that she was the patroness of the necropolis and was one of the few people en route for be deified. Black could also be associated with chaos and outsiders. Nubians were depicted with black skin although Asiatics, Libyans and Egyptian women were depicted with yellow skin and Egyptian men with red skin.

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